Water Storage & Fencing Protection

Many of the female students must live at the school to escape lives of abuse at home. Our main objective is to put up a well-fenced compound with enough water for use.

The Mother Oda Vocational Training Center is in great need of funds to install water tanks and fencing around our existing dormitory. Our dormitory can house up to 72 girls but being in a semi-arid area makes it difficult to use the dormitory without water tanks. The fencing is needed for the security of our girls.

This fencing will also prevent conflicts from the local community who graze their livestock anywhere and will allow our students to grow food without the risk of it being destroyed by animals.

Many young people do not make it to higher education due to the economic constraints associated with local droughts, poor performance and the pastoralist lifestyle of families. The young people fall victims of early marriages, female genital mutilation, drugs and immorality. Successful completion of this project will help us rehabilitate girls who are more vulnerable by providing comfortable accommodation. We will also be in a position of admitting more boys who are also vulnerable to drugs and immorality.

The Center believes that if the young people are empowered with skills they will make a positive difference to the community of Mto wa Mbu and other parts of Tanzania.

Your Donation Can Help Protect Innocent Girls

If you would like to help put up a well-fenced compound with enough water for use to accommodate all of our students, enter "Fencing and Water Project" in the "Specify a Cause" field on the donation form on the next page.

Project Beneficiaries

The beneficiaries of this project are the students who attend the Center. They will be able to spend ample time in the college receiving a quality education. The students will have a chance of becoming better citizens with broader minds in entrepreneurship for future self-sustainability. The college will also be able to provide training opportunities for more students.

Economic Sustainability

The students will pay simple fees which will be essential for covering the training expenses. Additionally, the Little Sisters of St. Joseph will start small projects like poultry keeping, fish farming and horticulture. This will lessen the training expenses.

The sisters will diversify the facility and rent out the dormitories and dining hall to travelers or schools who need a place to stay while going to Lake Manyara or the game reserves.

We plan to setup a canteen within the school which will be opened for outsiders. The water will also help the neighborhood. Also, parents will participate in annual fundraising on Parent's Day to address the needs of the school at hand.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

The Little Sisters of St. Joseph have established a local technical team that will be responsible for the continued monitoring of this project. Project issues or setbacks will be discussed at the end of each phase (quarterly) to ensure sufficient project adjustments are conducted as soon, and as efficiently, as possible.

Financial Cost Breakdown

This is a one-off construction project envisaged to be completed within 6 months.

Water Storage6,307,500$ 3,000
Fencing20,322,500$ 10,000
Total26,630,000$ 13,000